When The World Lost Hope

     We are living in a world that feels like a movie or a television show. Never have I envisioned living the way we have been instructed by our government and health officials. Going outside feels taboo, you can’t shake anybody’s hand, and having a cough to clear your throat is the scariest thing any of us could encounter. This pandemic known as COVID-19, or the Coronavirus, has completely caused our daily lives to halt. The world sits in wait for some form of positive news, but every hour that passes, it seems more depressing articles are published. We are living in a time that is hope deprived and starving for some form of positivity.
     This situation reminds me of how the world reacted when Jesus was put to death. This single moment in history is when the world truly lost all its hope. The Savior of the world was dead, laid in a tomb. In that moment it seemed as if evil and darkness had truly won, and the light of the world had been extinguished for good. At this point in history, hope was truly gone. And humanity was left alone. Broken. Hopeless. This pain lasted three long and agonizing days.
     The beauty of having the Bible is we know how the story ends. Jesus was not held by the grave, but rather he conquered the grave. The world thought hope was lost, but in all actuality, hope was gained. Jesus was risen from the grave defeating death and evil. At that moment hope was fully restored, because the Savior of the world was alive!
     I wish I knew why we are in these times; I really do. I can’t give you answers, but I can point you to hope. Jesus is with us. Jesus is for us. And Jesus loves us. Look at Hebrews 13:8, it says, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever!” Even though our lives may be changing due to the unfortunate circumstances we are facing today, we know that Jesus never changes. We are going to get through this, together. Even though hope may seem jaded, maybe we need to change our approach in how we look at the situation. Let’s start looking at the embodiment of hope, which is the person of Jesus Christ.